New Year, New Lifestyle?
18th December 2017
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There is no need to live with the unsatisfactory aspects of daily life, why not issue a challenge to yourself for 2017. Why not take proactive action to change the person within?


Stop smoking. Smoking tobacco is dangerous, every medical professional will confirm that smoking is harmful to the smoker, plus the people affected by someone else smoking, and unborn children whose parents smoke are also affected. E cigarettes may help but stopping completely is cool.

Speak to your local pharmacy, they are well informed about cause and effects of smoking and the therapies that may help those who are trying to break the habit. Stopping smoking is not easy, but it is worth the effort, and it may save your life!

Stop drinking alcohol, or at least reduce the amount you consume.

Dry January is a good start to reducing alcohol dependency and giving one’s liver a break! Over indulging in alcohol is dangerous to health. It is recommended by the Medical Profession that people should have at least two dry days a week, during Dry January staying off alcohol for the whole of the month may well lead to a total reduction in drinking lifestyle.

Change your diet.

A change of diet after the excesses of Christmas and New Year is a good idea.

Why not try a new food? This can be achieved simply by shopping locally and buying fresh instead of pre packed food.

Local shopping is so much more than simply ‘doing the weekly shop’ it is an opportunity to select what is needed, in the correct quantity, in the knowledge that it is fresh and not contaminated with salt, fat and sugar. This is so important to people of all ages but especially so for children. Processed foods are manufactured, additives are mixed in to enhance the flavours, and there is no chance of it being as fresh as it will be at the local shops. Buy local


Get fit!

We have lots of gym's recommended on thebestof bolton to help you get fit and healthy this year. Find them all here

Whatever you decide to you, we hope you have a fantastic 2018!

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