New Year, new healthy you
20th December 2013
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It's the time of year where we all start to plan our new year's resolutions and after all the chocolate and good food at Christmas, getting fit and healthy is always the most popular thing to do. We have lots of great members who can help you with that.

Gym and Exercise:
Let's start with the most common thing, fitness. Many of us join a gym when it comes to the New Year, gym membership increases by a great number.

Helio Fitness is a local gym, it has state of the art equipment and their membership fees are amazing! It gets even better, you can take part in free classes such as Zumba included in the price.

The Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa  is an amazing hotel with a fantastic 18 metre pool, an on site gym and a golf course!

Bolton Whites Hotel has a great health club, with a 15 metre pool, spa pool, eucalyptus essence, steam room, sauna and gym!

As it is likely your body is going to be taking on some new challenges, it's important to make sure everything on the inside is okay. It's possible to experience aches and pains if you're not used to exercising, and our members can help you.

Physiofusion is an excellent physiotherapist and offer a range of professional treatment such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, reflexology and so much more. They will improve your quality of life.

Bolton Osteopathic Clinic are experts in pain reduction and maintaning health. If you suffer from any sport injuries, muscle tensions, just give them a visit.

I bet many of us have indulged in yummy food over the Christmas time, so when getting healthy, it's important your diet improves too. Although it is okay to have a treat once in a while!

Bolton Markets have a range of different stalls with fruit, vegetables and healthy food all sourced locally, but guess what? The prices are amazing and there's always some type of offer that will suit anyone!

Although it is recommended you cut down on meat slightly when getting healthy, a balanced diet is still important. Therefore protein is still very important, but you need the right kind. Quality meat is great for a healthy diet, and Barrons Of Beef provide excellent meat for great prices, they always have an offer on!

Finally, I bet you let your pet indulge over Christmas too? Why not start their year off on a healthy note.

Regans Veterinary Group can offer all the support you need to keep your pets healthy in the New Year as well as advice on a good diet.

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