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11th December 2014
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2015 sees the change in the rules around commercial waste and Fieldings Porter Solicitors have put together a guide to help you understand if the changed will affect you.

January 2015 will see an amendment to the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011. The amendment will make businesses in England and Wales legally obliged to ensure that paper, glass, metal and plastic waste are stored and collected separately from non-recyclable waste.

If you were not aware of the new rules, then you are not alone. According to a survey of 1,700 small businesses by Business Waste, Waste Management Solutions, up to 90% of company owners are in the dark over the incoming requirement to make a significant change to the way they manage their waste.

So what does this mean for your business?

It means that you should ensure that any dry, recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, metal, glass etc is collected separately from your other waste such as food.

To comply with the new regulations, you should use a mixed recycling service for dry recyclables and general waste service for your other waste and make sure your staff and visitors are aware of the new protocol to ensure there is no unwitting breach of the legislation.

Fieldings Porter Solicitors can help with this and many other aspects of commercial law. You can read more about them here and see their full contact details. 

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