National BBQ Week 30th May-5th June. Whats Your Favourite BBQ Food?
20th May 2011
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The 30th May-5th June is national BBQ week. Now in April when we had the lovely weather, I would have been very excited about this but looking outside today with washing drying inside on the airer and the rain making more of an appearance than I would like, I am struggling to join in the fun.

HOWEVER We brits do all love a BBQ and BBQ week aims to kick start the beginning of summer.

Bolton Market will be celebrating National BBQ week by a series of cookery events demonstrations and promotional offers.

If you love BBQ recipies then click here for some really tasty ideas.

and if you are thinking of having a BBQ soon, here are some handy hints and tips to make sure you BBQ safely and dont end up with the BBQ Bug!


Cooking barbecued food properly


  • Always make sure you cook chicken, pork, burgers, sausages and kebabs until they're steaming hot all the way through, none of the meat is pink and any juices run clear.
  • If you're barbecuing for lots of people, you could cook meat indoors and finish it off on the barbecue for added flavour.
  • When you reheat food on the barbecue, always make sure it's steaming hot all the way through before serving.
  • Wait until the charcoal is glowing red, with a powdery grey surface, before you start to cook.
  • Make sure frozen food is properly thawed before you cook it.
  • Turn the food regularly, and move it around the barbecue, to cook it evenly
  • Check that the centre of the food is steaming hot.
  • Don't assume that if meat is charred on the outside that it will be cooked properly on the inside.
Enjoy your summer AND your BBQ and dont forget to share your recipies below.



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