National Backcare Week Let Bolton Therapy Centre Ease Your Backpain
17th October 2011
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This week is Back Care Awareness week and is running from 17th-23rd October 2011.

The focus of Backcare awareness week this year is school children and their teachers.

Backcare beleive that things such as heavy school bags and badly designed chairs contribute to young backs being damaged and also beleive that many primary school teachers are suffering in silence with back problems.

Bolton Therapy Centre  are commited to improving workforce wellbeing and recognise that as well as the misery and discomfort that back pain causes to the individual, the cost to employers of more than 11.5 billion sick days every year is over £7 million

With this in mind, Bolton Therapy Centre offer a range of support and treatments to ensure that your back is in peak condition.

The treatment of back pain is a huge industry with 14 million visits to the doctor each year, costing the NHS a massive £480 million. Bolton Therapy Centre offers the Theraflex vertebral mobiliser is a tool which provides the therapist with bionic fingers to restore suppleness and stability to the deconditioned spine and therefore helps to eliminate the cause of back pain. The patient lies face down on the couch and the therapist moves the handset throughout the length of the spine. It treats each vertebra and stimulates the spinal reflexes, thus relieving stress areas.

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