Mystery shopper company, Shopper Anonymous Ltd, explain the objectives of mystery shopping
30th July 2013
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You might think that with mystery shopping, that the benefits are the same no matter which type of business they review. But this isn’t the case at all. Shopper Anonymous, one of the North West’s leading mystery shop companies, tell us why. 

Lots of different types of business types can benefit from mystery shopping. In business to business mystery shops, those who are running a big marketing campaign, and want to check all the leads and enquiries that come from it are handled the right way, and those businesses who get lots of enquires per month. 

Mystery shopping will help your business to make a fabulous first impression with Shopper Anonymous’s comprehensive reports and unbiased feedback about your business. The end results of the mystery shop speak for themselves. 

It will allow you to track how performance is over time and help managers to keep up high standards. It will allow you to see where changes need to be made, both in the behaviour of staff and also in the day to day running of the business. If you are struggling with implementing any of the outcomes, Shopper Anonymous run training and workshops to help companies develop. 

The outcomes are different for professional service mystery shopping. Many professional service firms want to keep existing customers, and acquire new ones, and a mystery shop from Shopper Anonymous can help you do that. The third party feedback Shopper Anonymous gives you will explain how a company sells itself and what its customer service is like.

Other benefits include making sure enquires are handled to the best possible standard, reiterates best practices, brings the team together in a motivating experience and finally highlight where businesses can improve retention levels. 

Professional service mystery shopping works best if a business has reception staff or more than one office premise. 

Again, Shopper Anonymous will provide support to improve your sales strategy and organise workshops, focus groups and training to help bring about change in the company. 

Hospitality mystery shopping is an interesting way of seeing what customer service skills our employees have. As it’s completely impartial, it will enable you to compare yourself with other businesses in the same sector in an unbiased way. 

The reports Shopper Anonymous provide are measurable, so you can see if improvements are being implemented. 

There’s plenty more advantages of hospitality mystery shopping. It is tailored to your business, and can be altered as and when, it will keep staff on their toes, as they always suspect the next customer is the mystery shopper, it will maintain standards even if there’s regular staff changes and will encourage everybody to work together to achieve high results. 


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