My Favourite Places in Bolton by Binyameen
12th December 2013
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Bolton is placed in the North West of England and is of the biggest towns in Europe. We are a town that is 20 minutes away from Manchester. Manchester airport opens a verity of transport links all over the world and people in Bolton are not far away from it. We are happy where we are. Furthermore, housing and jobs are less expensive than those in a bigger city such as London.

My favourite place in Bolton is Middlebrook. It's a great place. Me and my friends catch a bus that takes us to the big cinema there. We all like to watch a movie now and then and always have a good time. After we might go bowling or go somewhere to eat, most likely at Pizza Hut.

Also, I love going to Leverhulme Park as I go there for athletics. I go weekly and I am so lucky to be training with them on a great athletics track. We train hard and are always pushed to our limits. In the winter (in snow and heavy winds) we build up our endurance for the summer were we are running in competitions for school and club.

Finally, another favourite place of mine in Bolton is Bolton One. It has great facilities and go there nearly every week. Iâve been in the swimming area and climbed the 50ft wall. Me and my friends go there in the half-term holidays sometimes and play other sports, including badminton and 5-a-side football. This is what I like about Bolton and I really enjoy it.

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