My Favourite Place in Bolton by Jake O'brien
11th December 2013
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One of my favourite places in Bolton has to be the home of Bolton Wanderers the REEBOK STADIUM. This landmark of Bolton is my favourite place because, it gives me a chance to hang around with my mates and watch my favourite team play the beautiful games. The atmosphere in the new smart stadium is superb. The fact that you can scream what you want to and encourage your team and to put off the other team. It is a great place to go at the weekend.

When I'm in the stadium I am so excited about the game ahead as I am waiting for the clock to reach three o' clock, in the stadium music being played to break the silence. When we score a goal there is no feeling like it me and my mate Sam go wild together as it is a stadium of many feelings such are frustration, happiness, excitement every feeling is in that stadium.

Why should you go to Bolton? Well first of all why not go to the REEBOK STADIUM. Not only has it go a fantastic football team, it gives you the chance to see famous celebrities such as Amir Khan, Vernon Kay, Paddy McGuiness etc. Also there are many legends for you to be inspired by such as Nat Lofthouse, Kevin Davies, Jussi etc.

After a day at the REEBOK STADIUM it always sets my feelings for the day. For example, if we won that day I would be a very happy chappy this is most of the time. Even when we lose which isn't often I am always happy afterwards due to the fact I have the opportunity to watch the mighty Bolton Wanderers. #COYW!!!

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Hi I’, Jake. I’m 14 years old, and I’m a huge Bolton Wanderers fan and play football all the time. I go to St James’s and my favourite lesson is P.E I always enjoy P.E with my mates.

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