My favourite Place in Bolton by Adnan Musa
12th December 2013
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Even in winter my favorite place is still Bolton lads and girls club. I remember the Saturday where I played many fantastic games with my friends; I played basketball, tennis, badminton and football. The best way to spend time! Also there was the latest console which allows you to have a chill with your mates, not many towns have leisure centers.

Bolton has many great places to offer, such as the Reebok stadium which holds a magnificent 23,000! It may not be the largest or the best football club in the world, however I can assure you it has one of the best atmospheres in the world. Although I'm not a big fan of Bolton Wanderers I still went to visit the stadium and I had a wonderful day out watching my home team play.

Daily activities are also enjoyable as there are so many beautiful places such as: Moss Bank Park, I like to take walks near the deep blue water. I think it's the only place I can actually relax! So if you want to have a great relaxing day then you should visit a park in Bolton. Also it is a fantastic way to spend time with your family! Don't forget to bring a loaf of bread to feed the adorable ducks! Finally one place I would really want to talk about is school! I go school at St James's secondary school. St James's students have a fantastic relationship also all students are very polite and very friendly. St James's help many charities by creating many spectacular events all the money raised goes to the charity!

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I’m Adnan, I am thirteen years old and I live in Great lever. My hobby is playing badminton, reading and football. I think it’s the most creative game ever invented. I also enjoy school, well sometimes.

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