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11th December 2013
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Soccer Six

It was 7am and my friends and I got up early to go to the Reebok Stadium at Middlebrook, Bolton. Today we were going to a charity football match where celebrities would be playing. We chose to go because we knew that some of our favourite celebrities were here, Kingsland Road and Frankie Cocozza.

We sat outside the stadium in the cold waiting for the gates to open at 12:00pm. It wasn't just us there though, a few girls were also waiting to get a good seat to watch the game. As we all waited we saw some different celebrities go into the stadium. One of the people I remember was Dan from District 3. Me and my friends supported them through xfactor so it was nice to talk to him and show our support.

After a few hours of waiting the gates finally opened. The security came out, the fans went mental and the excitement was building up as we entered the stadium. Our tickets were scanned and we made our way to the seats, front row!

When the celebrities were playing football we got a few waves thrown at us, people such as Kingsland Road, Frankie Cocozza, George Sampson, Mark Wright and Sam Callahan all noticed us. The match was overall amazing but we obviously left early to get the front barrier at the meet and greet part after.

Dashing out of the Reebok, we ran as fast as our feet could take us. The rain began to pour down but this didn't stop us, oh no! My fingertips were turning white as I grasped onto the barrier. Just after about 30 minutes, about 50 other fans were now joining us waiting for them to come out and meet us.

The wait was worth it. The door to the exit opened, all excitement was buzzing through the crowd, and faces lifted up and out came Kingsland Road. Like I said, I'm a huge fan of Kingsland Road so this was a very exciting moment for me. Out came the 5 boys that I loved. First was Thompson, then Matt, Jay, followed by Connor and then lastly Josh.

I was jumping up and down at this point, me and my two other friends were literally holding onto each other. Kingsland casually approached us and I think you could tell by my expression that I was extremely happy. I threw my arms around Connor (my favourite member) and told him how much I love him and the band's music. We got pictures with the band, signatures and videos.It was sad to see them leave.

Now whenever I go to the Reebok Stadium, all the memories from the 18th of May flood back into my mind, and all the happy memories I have cherished. Seeing them now on XFactor makes me even more proud of how far they've came! :)

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