‘Music On Hold’ A great way to Keep your Customers Happy
21st November 2011
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Don'ÂÂt leave your customers hanging on the phone in silence! In the current economic climate, businesses must do everything they can to hold on to customers and one way to improve your customers'ÂÂ experience when communicating with your company is to make that all important telephone contact as pleasant as possible. 

"Did you know that 90% of callers hang up after just 40 seconds when confronted with silence?"

'ÂÂMusic On Hold'ÂÂ from thebestof bolton telecoms company DigicommBCS is a great way to fill those awkward silent gaps between answering a call and directing your customer to the right person or while you are away from the phone and they are waiting.

A pre-recorded message with professional voice and good music could Inform callers about products and services, special offers or simply wish your callers a Happy Christmas! In any case it will improve customer service by improving your customers'ÂÂ experience.

A well informed customer is a happy customer and not only will your customers know they haven'ÂÂt been hung up on but you can use that previously dead time to promote other products or services they might not know you provide.

As Christmas is fast approaching, take the opportunity to create a wonderful festive feel and wish your customers a Happy Christmas, they might not realise it but deep down they'ÂÂll remember you took the time to bother!

With Digicomm you can Create your own personalised 'ÂÂMusic on Hold'ÂÂ production, follow the link to find all the ideas you will need, including sample scripts and the megamixer, where you can choose your voiceover and music and hear them together.

Digicomm have a number of different script ideas to help you create your perfect music on hold production. You don't need to write much, just a little information about your company, and why not promote some offers too?



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