Mojo Trust Give Their 5 Top Tips For Apprentices
19th December 2014
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Taking an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to start working life but it can be very daunting for a young person to start in a company and know whats expected of them. Here Mojo Trust  give their top tips to anyone starting an apprenticeship to help them settle in quickly and make the transition from school to work life, easy. 

  • Get to know the people you are working with- There will be new faces all around you, take time to learn their names and what they do. Also you may have a mentor who will be a senior member of staff who will support you in this.
  • Organise your time - Although you will have many tasks set for you as a new apprentice, is important you learn to organise your time effectively making sure you arrive on time, get your tasks done on time and of course building any study into your routine which is likely you will need to do in your own time.
  • Ask for help when you need it - No one can know everything all of the time so asking for help is really important and what this shows your employer is that you wont just carry on doing your own thing and that you will seek guidance and advice when you need it.
  • Watch your senior employees- You can learn so much about work life from them. How they operate can tell you so much about the company and how they have progressed within it. 
  • Be enthusiastic about your tasks- Enthusiasm links to attitude and will be noticed when they are positive. Skills can be taught but having enthusiasm and a great work attitude is something that only you can bring along.
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