Mobile Phone Apps and Smart Phones, A Real Boom in Technology
18th October 2010
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With a real surge in the world of 'Smart Phones' mobile apps are becoming increasingly more and more essential and these type of phones have just moved the 'mobile internet' onto a whole new level.

With this rapidly growing market not only in the technology of smart phones but also in the mobile apps that go alongside it, those internet businesses that would traditionally look at SEO and web development are quickly gathering momentum to join in this new market. it is fair to say however, that the gap in this market is quickly being saturated and will soon be flooded with new companies coming on board.

So whats the attraction? Well these days most companies have a web site, most people have a mobile phone and even if its not a smart phone now, you can almost guarantee that when the time comes for an upgrade that's the way it will go.

Having a mobile app is the next cool accessory and having a mobile version of your e-commerce website could mean you are tapping into a whole new market.

Carl Silverstone from Goo-Net UK is excited by this prospect and is one of the companies who have decided to take the bull by the horns and really market this exciting proposition. You can also read more here about Goo-Nets mobile phone apps

If you love the idea of smart phones and the internet on the move  especially if you have your own e-commerce website then you can read more here and contact Carl who would be happy to give you the techy aspects. Although it should be said that Carl's 'No Speak Geek' mantra means that you will get plain speaking, straight talking and come away fully understanding this confusing and changing world.


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