Mobile compatible websites from Red Chilli Design. A MUST in todays web surfing culture.
1st June 2012
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Have you ever thought how easy it was (or not) to get on your company website while using a mobile device. we have all been there, trying to get some information about a company on our mobiles while we are on the move and it becomes clear after several attempts that the page simply isnt going to load correctly, if at all, on our mobile or hand held device.

Having a website is simply no longer enough. You need to make sure your website is mobile compatible and appeal to the 45% of UK internet users now browsing the web on mobile devices. 

A mobile website from Red Chilli Design will automatically detect that the user is on a mobile device and load an optimised version of your content.

Features include;

* Intuitive touch controls

* Links to Google maps

* Touch-optimised photo galleries

* Quick links to call and email


Prices are not as crazy as you may think and start at just £199

For more information visit Red Chilli Designs Feature on thebestof bolton where you can see all their products and services and find their full contact details.

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