Mines a Pint, Budget Update from Wilds Accountants
21st March 2013
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Jacky Buchsbaum, director of tax team personal finance at Bolton accountants Wilds , pulls out all the positives from the Chancellor's budget for business and the local economy 

George Osborne was faced with the difficult dilemma of having a lack of cash yet an economy teetering on the verge of a triple dip recession. He therefore had to provide a much needed infusion of energy into the economy but to do it in a low cost manner.

So we ended up with a very bland budget; the highlight of which was the offer of support to home buyers who are unable to find the necessary deposits. In order to secure mortgages for themselves to kick-start the housing market and the home building industry allied to it.

On the business front the Chancellor carried on his policy of reducing the main rate of corporation tax which will provide further incentive to successful businesses to continue the development of their businesses.

With the offer of a kick back of up to £2,000 to employers the Chancellor is hoping that the private sector will continue to create further jobs, which is allowing him to shrink the public sector without creating a massive unemployment problem.

Notwithstanding all these measures the reason why he will be the toast of the landlords around the country is his decision to reverse a planned increase in beer duty and replace it with a cut. So make mine a pint.

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