Meet the Member: Paul Cryer of Freezeframe Productions
17th June 2014
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Every few weeks we like to introduce you to the people who run some of our successful best of Bolton businesses. This time it’s the turn of Paul Cryer of Freezeframe Productions to go under the spotlight.

Paul was first inspired to run his own business because he wanted to do his own thing. Although he suspects that running his own business is in his blood. Paul’s granddad ran a DIY shop in Bolton on the site where Mecca Bingo is now. He really enjoys running his own business, as every day is different, you meet lots of different people and you can be really creative.

There aren’t many people who can produce high quality creative films for different areas at affordable prices. People working at the higher end of the market don’t want to do the SM’s and middle market jobs, but this is Freezeframe’s speciality.

He took the plunge to start running Freezeframe Productions full time on February 1st 2014. He had been consistently building the business up to that date, but decided to make it his permanent job from that date. Paul says it was scary and frightening yet liberating and a great feeling all at the same time.

Paul has this advice for those people just starting off in business-“do not go at it half hearted, know what you want to do with your business and do it with all your effort."

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