Meet the Member: Asif Timol of Room Four Dessert
22nd April 2014
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Have you been to the superb Room Four Dessert on Deane Road, Bolton yet? If not you definitely should and try out their delicious desserts for yourself. Asif Timol co-owns Room Four Dessert with Salman Bariwala and it was Asif who answered a few questions about what running your own business entails.

What first inspired you to run your own business?

This is something I have always been interested in and have previously delved into it on a smaller, more personal scale.  As part of my day job, I have historically advised clients on various aspects of their businesses, in particular when it comes to resolving disputes.  I also operate as a self employed consultant solicitor so I have been operating my own business for the past few years. 

All of this has culminated in focusing my experience into my own business, away from the Law.

Salman has already established himself as a successful business man having taken over a small family business over a decade ago and expanded it to what it is today.

What do you enjoy about your particular business or industry?

For me, it’s a break from the norm and a drastic change from what I am used to.  I have to adapt from dealing with clients to dealing with ‘customers’.

Having always been an absolute foodie, I am able to do something practical with my obsession and it has been a means of channelling my passion as a food lover in to creating something I enjoy, for others to enjoy.

I wouldn’t say I’ve “enjoyed” the challenges and demands of starting up and running a business but I have certainly enjoyed seeing it all come together.  I believe we have a long way to go before we achieve exactly what we set out to do but simply having the opportunity to try is probably the most rewarding thing at the moment.

What is the ONE thing that you want your business to stand out for? 

For providing our valued customers with an Experience. Whether that be the experience of having had a relaxing coffee or having enjoyed an evening out with friends/family sampling our menu.  I believe we have set ourselves a difficult challenge in this as it means covering a lot of bases but this is something we are determined to do.

Why is this important? 

For the business to be appreciated, recognised and successful, we need to provide something which people will want to come back for. 

To date, what has been the most memorable moment running your business - for better, worse, funny, sad or just downright ridiculous?!

It has been a real eye opener in terms of the good the bad and the ugly!

The good – People! the overwhelmingly positive response has been humbling and makes us strive to improve. 

The bad – People! Being let down by others who have a huge impact on the business as a whole

The Ugly – People! Thankfully these have been few and far between but as a coffee shop/dessert parlour we never envisaged being seen as any sort of a threat to others but sadly we have seen the spiteful nature of some people.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in business? 

There’s no such thing as over-planning. 

So welcome aboard Asif and everyone involved with making Room Four Dessert the success it is every day to the best of Bolton. We look forward to working with you.  

Visit Room Four Dessert amazing shop for yourself (remember to leave room for dessert) or call 01204 214257.  They have every kind of dessert you could possibly want to eat and are highly recommended. 

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