Medialights Could Be A New Way Of Advertising For Businesses In Bolton
19th August 2011
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As a business have you always wanted your name up in lights? Well now in Bolton you may be given that chance.

Medialights have submitted three applications to Bolton Council for permission to put up illuminated signs on lampposts. The signs will measure 85cm x 103cm and permission has been asked for eight lampposts close to the Reebok Stadium.

Bolton has already approved the idea of renting out space on lamposts for the purpose of advertising and a number of other boroughs such as Trafford and Stockport already operate similar schemes.

The initial plans will be to install the signs on two lampposts on Mansell Way, Burnden Way and four lampposts in Arena Approach.

If this initiative is passed, Bolton council stands to make around £250,000 over the next 5 years.

Bolton Council will be paid £135 per unit for installation and maintenance and £30 for electricity the council will also bring in £500 profit per sign each year.

Bolton currently has 2,000 lamppost sites with approx 365 of these being identified as prime usable routes.

Medialights will sell each of the sites for £1295 per year.

There are concerns from organisations such as Bolton Institue of Advance Drivers over the safety of these signs which may cause a distraction but Bolton Council are confident that the signs will not be located in areas where it may compromise safety and as the signs are carbon neutral are great for the environment too.

Decisions about these signs will be finalised on October 3rd.

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