Mecca Bingo launches a new magazine, Mecca Mag.
23rd April 2013
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Mecca Bingo have launched an exciting new magazine across all of its clubs around the country. This fab magazine will only cost £1 and is available now for members at Mecca’s Bolton clubs.

It will be released every two months and contains lots of great content. Small snippets of the magazine will be available online too. It features over £40 worth of great offers you can use in the club.

There’s plenty of celebrity gossip in Mecca Mag. Linda Nolan is the magazine’s new agony aunt. She answers any personal troubles Mecca customers might be having. Plus there’s question and answer sessions with Christopher Maloney, Ashleigh and Pudsey and Michelle Collins. Not all the questions relate to bingo either!

We all dream of finding our life partner, and one lucky couple found love at Mecca. You can also find out about previous big winners at Mecca and nominate yourself and your mum (or vice versa) for Mecca mum and daughter of the year.

Most people have suspicions and lucky charms before they come to Mecca, and Mecca Mag interviews customers on their rituals.  

If you’ve got some free time Mecca Mag has plenty of fun puzzles and stories. Curl up on the sofa with Mecca Mag’s short story, or work those brain cells with the crossword and Sudoku.

Mecca Bingo has a tempting food menu, but when you’re not at the club, cooking may prove a challenge. Not any more with Mecca Mag’s “posh nosh without the price tag” recipes.  

If you’re thinking of traveling to Edinburgh, then there’s an insightful travel page revealing all the great sights of one of Scotland’s most famous cities.

Not everyone follows horoscopes of course, but if you do then Mecca Mag has a horoscopes page so you can discover your future.

Finally, Mecca Mag has a selection of health and beauty pages to suit all styles and budgets. You’ll never be stuck for something to wear at the club again!

You can pick up your copy of Mecca Mag from one of Mecca Bingo’s two clubs in Bolton, Ormrod Street and Breightmet Fold Lane. 

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