Meat your local butcher, Barrons of Beef for National Butchers Week 2014
18th March 2014
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The 24th to the 30th March will see the 7th year of National Butchers Week launch, so why not pay a visit to your local friendly butcher, Barrons of Beef.

Barrons of Beef sell the highest quality meat and poultry products available. They are specialist Unlike many other butchers, they let the meat hang on the bone for 21 days as unopposed to the normal 14 days. Barrons can even sell exotic meat alongside the usual chicken, beef, turkey, pork and more. It’s all available at a very affordable price.

And if you haven’t sampled Barrons legendary meat packs yet, you’re missing out. Every Monday they launch a different incredible pack, filled with lovely products.

The aim of this year’s National Butchers week is to encourage younger people to get involved in the meat industry and find out more about different meat based recipes.

Phil Barron begun life in the butcher industry aged just 13, was second in the young butcher of the year competition aged 18 and fellow Barrons of Beef staff member, William Ross, was also nominated in the young butcher of the year competition in 2013.

It also wants people to ask the expert, so if you’ve got any questions about meat pop into Barrons of Beef, they’ll be happy to help.


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