Mark Pollitt Of Digicomm BCS Explains The Benefits Of A Business Standard Internet Service
12th December 2012
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Mark Pollitt, Managing Director of Digicomm BCS, was recently on the 'Business Doctor' panel for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and he discussed the benefits of paying extra for a business standard internet service.

If you own or run a business which relies on the internet, be it for a certain part of the work or all of it, then it stands to reason that you should have an internet service which is not only dependable and trustworthy, but also allows you to get the most from it's use. This is what business internet is for. And it could help your company in a number of ways . . .


In a business, surely one of the key components is clear and effective communication. With multiple devices in multiple offices, business internet will allow this communication to be fluid. Even with only one office, it is essential communication with clients and consumers is also as good as it possibly can be.

Enhanced Processes

Before the internet existed or was fully utilised, businesses still existed. However, with the advent of the modern internet, processes have become simpler, more effective and efficient. Having a great internet connection can only benefit your business more. It is that simple.

Improved Security

"With great power comes great responsibility", or so the saying goes. With an improved business internet package will come all the benefits of added security, such as streamlined backing-up of files, and enhanced anti-virus and spyware protection.

Priority Service

As with most services in this World; the more you pay, the more you get. With this kind of internet connection, you will receive prioritised technical support, which could be invaluable when protecting your business against down-time. Being offline could cost your business untold amounts, so don't take the risk with an inadequate internet service.

It's imperative that you choose the kind of internet service that works best for your business, for instance, is it merely a question of speed, or do you also need security and support, a static IP address, VoIP services, and contention ratios? It can be a complex World, which is where Digicomm BCS can help.

Digicomm BCS is a well-established Bolton based telecommunications company offering a full range of communication solutions to suit every business from small office installations to large complex multi-site initiatives. For more information about the above, and their great internet packages, give them a call on 0370 444 6540.

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