Make 2017 the Year to Write your will
13th March 2017
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As the old saying goes, ‘You can’t take it with you when you go’, more to the point if you don’t make a Will the state may get your estate and not the people that you would prefer to have it!

Making a Will is the best way of expressing ones wishes in advance so that a person’s intentions will be honoured in Law on their behalf following their demise. Not making a Will is called being ‘intestate’ and it means that one’s good intentions may never be known or acted upon, more to the point it can make the job of those remaining much harder and cause enormous upheaval and distress to the ones that you may wish to protect.

It is hard to believe but more than 70% of the United Kingdom’s population do not have an up to date Will in place. The absence of a Will may cause delays in lawful recipients having access to the estate which may involve bank accounts being frozen and personal insecurity for those remaining.

Making a Will creates certainty, reduces worry and gives both administrators and remaining family and other recipients the peace of mind of knowing exactly how the money, property, and possessions will be dealt with after your passing. A Will can ensure the funeral of choice also.

Fieldings Porter Solicitors of Bolton are specialists in advising people about the need for a current Will and its where abouts, and who shall be the designated administrator. For people with large estates this is essential so that disbursements can be made in a proper manner, and with speed.

Fieldings Porter Solicitors have been giving sound legal advice for well over one hundred and forty-five years. All things considered opting for the Professional Legal Advice of Fieldings Porter can be a thoroughly good investment and totally cost effective.

People are advised to renew their Will every five years taking into account the size of one’s estate, property and wealth, plus changes in family circumstances including marriage and divorce, children and grandchildren, business and associated matters, plus having knowledge of taxation that may be due. Having a Legal Professional at hand will lift all of these potential problems from one’s shoulders, especially as the Law can change and with it the need for fresh instructions. Solicitors will not only provide the most in depth advice, and if required, management of one’s estate but will if requested keep the documents on file ready to act on the deceased person’s behalf – the Will cannot be lost or destroyed accidentally if it is in the care of Fieldings Porter.

Make 2017 the year to renew and refresh YOUR Will with the Professional guidance of Fieldings Porter Solicitors , give them a call on 01204 689623 for more information

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