Lynne Mason Joins the Team at thebestof bolton
29th February 2012
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Hi I’m Lynne.  This is my fourth week at thebestof bolton, and joining the day before the Fourteen Days of Love campaign took off was a hectic, although exciting induction, which proved to be a great way to meet members as  I flew around Bolton for 2 weeks collecting hundreds of testimonial cards and dashing them back to the office as quickly as possible.  The Fourteen Days of Love campaign was a great success for us here in Bolton as we had two National winners!

My background is the management of sales campaigns of television airtime, ensuring that the ratings targets were met and the advertisements placed in optimum positions, as negotiated with clients.  Building strong relationships with advertising agencies in the North of England, and their clients was a must for the promotion and growth of business links.  

After spending almost 12 years in the fast paced world of television advertising, I thought becoming a full time mum would be a doddle!   Doddle it most definitely wasn’t, but it was the most enjoyable and rewarding time ever.  I even learned how to cook – a bit.  

So now I am back in the saddle, I am really looking forward to promoting thebestof bolton and all it has to offer its members.

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