Love pizza, love Valentine's Day pizzas from Domino's Bolton
23rd January 2014
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Does your loved one love pizza almost as much as they love you? Then Domino’s pizza new Valentine’s offers and initiatives will suit you down to the ground.

For the ultimate romantic gesture on Valentine’s night, then why not propose with a pizza? You can write your proposal on the inside or outside of the box. If you’re already married then alternatively you can write a heartfelt message in or on the box too.

If you’re spending Valentine's Day apart you can have a pizza delivered to them. All you need to provide is the name and address of the person, what type of pizza they’d like and also pay for the pizza. Then one of Domino’s staff will deliver it for you. The ultimate gift for any pizza lover!

They have set up two different meal deal for Valentines night only. The first features a large pizza, 2 desserts and a 1.25 litre drink. If you’d prefer you can order this online at this link:

For people who are spending Valentine's Day alone, Domino’s have a meal for 1. This features personal pizza, garlic bread or wedges and a 330ml drink. The link for this one is

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