Love fudge? Then you'll love Fudge Day!
11th June 2014
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Mmm, it’s almost time for what is perhaps one of the tastiest days of the year, fudge day.

Fudge day occurs on June 16th every year, although exactly how it started is unknown. I would suspect that whoever started it wanted to share their love for fudge with the whole world.

Fudge is created by heating and mixing sugar, milk and butter together. Most people enjoy either chocolate or peanut butter fudge but chefs do like o experiment to create new flavours, like carrots, liquorice and even tequila for the over 18’s!

No one is 100% sure who first baked fudge. However a university student studying in New York in the 1880’s reported that fudge has been created and was for sale in 1886.

But where can you enjoy some delicious fudge in Bolton? Well at Room Four Dessert they have plenty of gorgeous desserts, many of them with lovely fudge, like hot chocolate fudge cake, banoffe with fudge pieces and much more. You can eat in the shop or take it away to enjoy later.

If you’re not up to preparing fudge yourself, get the experts at Delicieux at DHE Foods to bake it for you. As a personal chef they can come to your home or event and cook all your favorite meals.

Our cake shops often bake cakes containing fudge. It makes a superb topping or filling for all different types of cake.

Let’s not forget our restaurants have fudge-tastic desserts. These include THE Chinese Buffet, Mecca Bingo and G Casino

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