Looking For A Job? How To Stay Positive In Your Search
4th May 2011
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Staying Positive In Your Job Search

When job searching it is very important to stay positive but this is easier said than done. As time goes on in your job search you can find yourself falling into a negative mindset. There are many causes of this such as:


  • Not having anything to do
  • Worry about the finical future
  • Negative people around you
  • Not getting responses from job applications
  • Rejection after an interview

Addressing these issues is fundamental to keeping your spirits and job search on track. If you go to an interview with a negative attitude the hiring manager will see that you are not motivated and have a lack of energy. Further rejection will just make you feel worse and the circle will continue. The worse thing you can do is to start doubting yourself.

Not having anything to do

Not having anything to do or boredom can be easily solved. Job searching should be a full time job, so build up a schedule of activates you can do daily, weekly and monthly. For example; daily update a spreadsheet with the progress of all of your job applications.

Worry about the financial future

Worrying about your financial future is normal. To keep on top of this you need to take advantage of financial planning as well as government support such as jobseekers allowance. Cutting back on spending on all but essentials will help keep your savings from dwindling so fast and help put your mind at ease when you see your bank statement.

Negative people around you 

Having negative people around you can really hinder your job search. One solution to this is to keep some distance between you and them. If you find that friends, neighbours or family are undermining your confidence try to stop seeing them or create a mental image of a glass wall to block what they are saying.

Not getting responses from job applications

Responses from employers maybe low and depending on how marketable your skills and experiences are it can take a while to get some decent responses. Make sure you tailor your CV to each job and include information relevant to what the employer is looking for. This will increase the likelihood of getting a response from recruiters. If you are still not getting any responses you may want to invest some time to rewriting your CV. 

Rejection after an interview

Getting a call from a potential employer saying ‘sorry but we gave the position to someone else’ can be very demoralising but you need to take it as an experience. Use this as an opportunity to improve yourself by asking where you went wrong and were you can improve so you will do better next time.

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