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13th June 2016
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Fitness (or the lack of it) is something that is best addressed as a lifestyle choice, yet for many people their personal fitness is allowed to diminish with time.

Physical fitness improves every aspect of life making people heathier mentally and physically, enabling them to attain better outcomes and do better in work and play. Fitness is cool.

KEPT Fit of Bolton located at Dunscar Business Park, Blackburn Road, Bolton is run by Alex Youngman, Director, Personal Trainer- Coach and former rugby player who leads a team of keen fitness specialists each with an impressive CV that confirms the high end quality of this local Company.

The proud claim is that KEPT Fit ‘is a non-traditional gym specialising in personal training’, and there is the important issue, because personal training has to be designed to suit the individual person depending upon age, physical health and ability, and any previous training.

KEPT Fit is a new strength and conditioning gym, their modern facilities provide non-traditional fitness equipment to satisfy the needs of their diverse customers, from the raw beginner to the professional athlete. Their unique blend of mentoring and motivation comes from their passionate gym-based personal trainers who give all customers a truly personal experience, whatever their goal. KEPT Fit is inclusive to all and is welcoming to anyone who wishes to improve their personal fitness and strength.

Personal training,

For people who feel that they need pushing to the next level with their programme, it is time to add some personal training to the routine, in order to maximize individual potential and enliven a mundane training cycle.

It may be that a person has been exercising for a while but find themselves reaching a plateau and struggling to go forward. The input of professional personal training with fantastic motivation and supervision will help them revive the programme.

KEPT Fit trainers are passionate about health, fitness and well-being and have individual specialisms. This allows them to select the perfect personal trainer for each individual whether the person is looking for weight loss, toning, muscle gain, improved performance, or any other individual need.

KEPT Fit trainers will measure the composition of the person’s body as well as assessing their posture, the person’s movement patterns and body fat %, and will assign exercises and routines accordingly.

Personal training sessions can be one to one or in group settings. KEPT Fit are happy to work with individuals or teams, either professional or amateur.

If you would like to find out any more information about KEPT Fit, give them a call on 01204 308250


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