Local Woman Maura Jackson, Head Of Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme, Set To Compete In International Beauty Pageant
30th August 2012
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The world is seeing a shift take place in people's perception of beauty, albeit very slowly. Members of society are placing less emphasise on stick-thin figures representing them, and moving towards healthier figures. The fashion world has been slower to accommodate this, but plus-size models are certainly making an impact.

Miss BBW International, organised by Big Girls Paradise, is a new competition open to everyone throughout the world. It is a competition where plus size women and their admirers can come together to celebrate the beauty of size in a non judgemental environment.

But it isn't just about beauty. It is about being comfortable in your own skin, and not being intimidated enough to have the stresses of continuous pressure from the media to fit into a certain size pigeon hole be deemed acceptable in society. It is also proving that a great many plus size women hold down high powered jobs and lead perfectly normal and happy lives.

Not everyone wants to be a size zero, and they are here to prove that there is life after a size 18!

And nobody embodies these qualities of power, strength and beauty than Bolton's very own Maura Jackson. She is not only an inspirational figure in the local community, especially through her work at Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme, but she is healthy, happy and comfortable with the skin she is in.

So, come on people of Bolton, show your support to the only entrant left in the competition from Lancashire, and let's help Maura win the title of Miss BBW International 2012.

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