Local Newspaper Week 2011- Celebrate The Bolton News
11th May 2011
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This week is national newspaper week and I just wondered how important it is to you in your town to have a good quality local newspaper.

I love the Bolton News and just like buying the Sunday Times, I have a preferred order to read it. I like to read the front page and then skip to the letters pages (usually my mum and dad have letters there so I like to see which soap box they are on at any given day) and then to the business pages to see who I recognise and what great things are happening in the business world in Bolton and then the rest of the paper in no particular order.

The Bolton News will always be the Bolton Evening News to me and many others and while I understand that they had to change the name as it was no longer an evening paper, I think us Bolton people who new and loved the name The Bolton Evening News wouldnt have minded at all. Change the time but keep the name!

Despite the change of name, the Bolton News is still loved by so many. Some old traditionalists (me included) still loving the paper version while others access it online and through applications for mobile media. 

Whichever it is, The Bolton News is a fundamental part of what makes Bolton, the work it does campaigning in the town, its connection with local events such as the Bolton and Bury Business Awards all make it so much a part of Bolton.

What are your thoughts on our local paper or any other that you may have in your town? The Bolton News has more information on Local Newspaper week on its website which you can visit by clicking The Bolton News


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