Local Elections Take Place On 3rd May, Use Your Vote and Stand Up and Be Counted. Local Matters!
18th April 2012
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Local elections will take place in Bolton on Thursday 3rd May and this really is YOUR chance to have YOUR say about how your local council is run.

Don’t sick back with the attitude that it doesn’t matter what you think or that your vote doesn’t count, in these local elections it really does and Bolton needs you to vote.

The council is divided into 20 wards with three councillors each and one councillor from each ward is up for election every year.


Anyone can apply to stand as a candidate but you need to meet just a few conditions. The main one is that you must either live in the borough, be registered to vote there or have some close connection with the area such as working there.

The deadline for this process has already passed and all candidates needed to be in place by 4th April.

Voting- Most of the deadlines for alternative voting need to be made by 18th April but worth knowing the options available to you.

To be eligible to vote in the election you need to be registered on the electoral register. The deadline to register on the electoral role is 18th April.

If you can’t get to a polling station you can apply for a proxy or postal vote. The postal vote can be on a temporary or permanent basis and you need to give no reason why you would like one. Applications again for this process need to be in by 18th April. These applications need to be in writing with electors’ signature and date of birth.

You can also apply to have someone to vote on your behalf and this is called a proxy vote. Proxies must be eligible to vote in the type of election being held though they do not themselves need to be on the register of electors. To appoint a proxy vote, this needs to be done in writing by 25th April with the electors signature and date of birth and a valid reason must be given. Appointment of a proxy is usually on a temporary basis for reasons such as holidays. Permanent applications for a proxy vote can be made but this would need to be for reasons such as long term ill-health or working away for long periods.

For further information the election and the services available contact Electoral Services on 01204 331248


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