Living in Bolton by Zack Colledge
12th December 2013
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Bolton wow I don't even know where to start except from the fact Bolton is and always will be one of my favourite places in England with 54sq miles of greatness if you've never been well aren't you missing out. This place is great from whichever view you choose to look. Me personally I love it not being bias or anything. With hundreds of traditions and different cultures it's pretty hard to get bored around there and with all the diversity in the town nobody is ever the odd one out.

The Reebok a glorious stadium one of the first of its kind as it revolutionised the crowds for football ever since it was built and is also the home to one of the most amazing teams in England BOLTON WANDERERS!!! This stadium can withhold the capacity of 28,100 it's going to be hard to choose your seat. Also if you're new to Bolton and you like to be shown around the stadium rather than take a look yourself they offer tours at very low prices and the gift shop isnât bad to.

The town centre or as many of Bolton's residents call it simply town. This wonderful place is home to many different markets, restaurants, shops and takeaways etc. However we do show off a bit at Christmas time with the turning on of the lights. This celebration is done with real passion because I simply loved the last one. The firework display was just like the one they put on for bonfire night absolutely spectacular. These sorts of events are a good way to mingle and meet other people and a good way to get on TV if your one of those people.

Keep all this in your mind still however though there is another side to Bolton one which isnât quite as seen as much as the markets and Reebok. The natural side a great place to actually observe this is Rivington pike. This is a great place to go for your daily jog if that's the sort of thing your into, this place is just both magnificent and beautiful this is strongly portrayed in the wildlife growing in these parts. When you get to the top there's a great big castle to observe and you're in the mood a big hill to roll down call winters hill ever heard of it?

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