Living in Bolton by Megan Walker
12th December 2013
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The town Bolton is an amazing place. We are the biggest town in Europe however, we are still quite small. No matter how small the town is Bolton is still jam-packed with tons of fun things to do.

I love going into town to go shopping with my friends. Everyone goes into town, even just to sit on the steps of the town hall. We always meet people there and everyone is just so nice. The shops are fantastic, even just going in and looking is fun. My favourite place to go is a milkshake shop next to Primark. They sell the nicest milkshakes you will ever taste. Even just thinking about them makes my mouth water. The place is beautiful and every year, near Christmas, a celebrity guest visits to switch the lights on which stay on till after Christmas.

Bolton holds a lot of mystery as well me and my friend Caroline like going out onto the fields behind my house and we found a hidden waterfall lurking in one of the forests. The waterfall was massive and it had an enormous lake sitting at the top of it. It is beautiful however; it's very secure because no-one seems to know about it!

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