Living in Bolton by Humairaa Bobat
12th December 2013
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I quite like living in Bolton to be honest, it can sometimes be fun. Bolton is a big town with lots of things to do. It has lots of swimming pools and Bolton One is an awesome centre. The library is just grand with a lot of books but I wish there was a bigger children's section. Also it would be marvellous if the museum was more interesting with more artefacts and more sections. The town used to be great but many shops have closed down.

I go to St James's school, one of the finest Bolton have and Ashrafia Girls Mosque. I go mosque everyday and it is lots of fun as I get to see my friends. Bolton has lots of food places and lots of really cool parks filled with tons of equipment. Rivington Pike is one of Bolton's most beautiful natural sites with a magnificent view of Horwich from the top. It allows you to connect with nature and have some peace with yourself. In the summer months you can go for picnics and have a family day out. There are interesting stories happening in Bolton all the time and people are really friendly.

Fancy a bit of pantomime or an evening at the theatre? The Octagon is the place to be. Octagon is a grand theatre and is worth visiting. The Bolton News is one of the best ways for the whole of Bolton to keep in touch with what's happening. It is pact with stories and full of information about Bolton. Any successes and it is posted in. Bolton is also a safe place to live in and the people around you are friendly. The council always does its best to keep the people of Bolton happy. Overall Bolton is a nice place to live in. Well Done Bolton

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