Lets get blogging for National Blog Posting Month
22nd October 2013
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I love November (because it’s my birthday) and I love blogs (because I love reading them and writing them), so what better way than to combine the two with National Blog Posting Month this November?

Many people who I speak to don’t understand blogs and think they won’t be able to write one, which isn’t the case at all. Blogs are essentially a more informal way of writing a newspaper article. They’re faster and easier to write then a standard news report. If you can write 250 of your chosen topic in a magazine style you can write a blog post is what I tell people, and most agree they’d be able to produce that.

Blogs are an example of content marketing, where you tell the story of a product or service in a subliminal way. People reading them will be encouraged to buy off you, perhaps more so then by looking at an advert in the paper or a leaflet through the door. Blogs can announce new members of staff, highlight special products or discounts and even give an insight into the daily life of an employee. You can reach other bloggers, journalists, future and existing customers, employees and investors.

You can blog about absolutely anything you like, and National Blog Posting Month wants to showcase the weirdest and wacky that are out there. They are asking everyone to write a blog every day for the whole of November. That might sound like a lot of work, but it’s what I do every day, and blogs don’t need to be that long at all. Lots of people blog on a daily basis and others prefer to blog weekly or monthly.

Bloggers may well be the journalists of the future, with a few lucky people making money off their blog through advertising etc. One American journalist left a well-paid job at Fox News and is now a more successful writer then ever thanks to his blog.

Did you know as well as blogging about Bolton and our bestof Bolton members, as an experienced copywriter I can write news, press releases and blogs for your business too? It's one of the services the Business Growth Network provide. Get in touch with us on 01204 382785 or email love.bolton@thebestof.co.uk and see how a regular blog or updated news section on your website will improve your business.  

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