Learning to drive, my thoughts and expectations before my first lesson
9th June 2014
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I recently turned 17, and have my first driving lesson booked for in a few days’ time with Murrays School of Motoring. Over the coming months, I will be writing a blog going through everything I’ve learnt each week, my thoughts and difficulties.

My first lesson is booked for 11th June 2014 for two hours, and honestly I’m nervous but I can’t wait to get started!

I’m really scared about starting my lessons, I keep thinking to myself “what if I can’t drive in a straight line”, “what if I crash” or because I’m only 5ft “what if I’m too small!!”

I really don’t know what’s going to happen during my first lesson, but I know that Shaun will put my mind at ease.

I bought myself a theory test book with the Highway Code a few months ago, and I’ve really been enjoying reading it and testing myself. If you’re starting learning to drive, I definitely suggest getting one because it really does help.

I’ve always been excited about learning to drive, and I really can’t wait for the freedom that comes with passing.


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