Ladybridge High School Revives & Relaunches Pet Show sponsored by thebestof bolton
26th June 2012
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A Pet Show at a local school that used to attract thousands of visitors is to be revived and relaunced 10 years after the last one was staged.

The organiser Fred Tyldesley is thrilled that once again there will be a Pet Show at Ladybridge High School in Deane. Fred, aged 70 started teaching at White Bank in 1964 as the Biology teacher and always had an interest in animals of all types. He moved into the newly-built, what is now the successful Ladybridge High School when it was opened in 1970, and started what was to become the very well known 'School Farm' which has provided a unique extra curricular interest for thousands of local children. More recently the 'farm' has been re-named in honour of Fred's commitment to the school and this project, with the opening of "The Fred Tyldesley Land-Based Centre", has gone from strength to strength.

Fred has been retired from teaching duties at Ladybridge for the last 10 years and has been Farm Manager, running the "School Farm" which he has been operating for the past 42 years and for which Ladybridge has become well known and loved by all its pupils past and present. Local primary schools now make it a day out to see the animals which include donkeys, Vietnamese Pot Bellied pigs, snakes, giant lizards, guinea pigs, hens, geese, ducks, peacock, swan, sheep and goats.

Fred said about the project: "We offer the primary schools a real wildlife experience for the children with animal husbandry from looking after the donkeys and sheep, pigs and hens, to simple ecology lessons with pond dipping in the newly built wildlife pond, a nature trail and a dedicated 'nature' classroom. This is one of Ladybridge High School's unique selling points and gives pupils a real life hands on experience."

Fred went on to say that it had been his ambition to rekindle the interest in holding the annual pet show. "I have organised over 24 shows in the past and I am thrilled that once again we will be holding the show where visitors can come and see all of our animals. But, in the past, the most popular part has been the public bringing in their pets and being judged for the best in class and I am delighted that this year the Pet Show will be sponsored by local company thebestof Bolton. We will be giving awards for the best rabbit, the best dog, the best budgie, the best roses, the best victoria will be like a real village fete and party with loads going on to entertain the whole family. We urge everyone from the local area to enter, come along on the day and enjoy themselves." 

Paula Crawley, deputy head at the school commented "Ladybridge High School, for two years running in the UK's Top 50 most improved schools, has always seen itself at the centre of the local community and the school farm is one of many areas of the school where we like to stand out from other schools. Many pupils have found a vocation working with Fred and the animals.They learn about team working, consideration for others and the importance of looking after the environment. Many of our future pupils will have been to the school from their primary school visit and seen what a broad based curriculum we offer and that has been one of the deciding factors for them. We are fully supporting Mr Tyldesley with this project and urge everyone to come along on Sunday 15th of July."

There will also be a small craft and produce market where people can rent a table for only £10 and sell their goods.

The following categories will be judged : 

Class 1: Pet Rabbit (we provide the cage).

Class 2: Guinea Pig (we provide the cage).

Class 3: Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse or Rat (own cage).

Class 4: Pet Cage Bird (own cage).

Class 5: Unusual Pet Home (let us know if electrical point is needed).

Class 6: Pedigree Dog (assemble at 1pm on the bus turnaround).

Class 7: Cross-breed Dogs (assemble at 1pm on the bus turnaround).

Class 8: Victoria Sandwich.

Class 9: 4 Cup Cakes Decorated By Children.

Class 10: 3 Roses Any Variety.

Class 11: House Plants (either flowering or foliage).

Class 12: Jubilee Floral Art (Themed for the Queen’s Jubilee).

A link to the event, with all the details included, can be found on thebestof Bolton page here.

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