KS1 SATs... What are they?
4th December 2017
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Key Stage 1 SATs are compulsory tests that are carried out across the whole school population of Primary School Children in England. The Standard Assessment Tests, better known as SATs, start at the age seven years and continue until the age of fourteen; though only Years 2 (age 7) and 6 (age 11) are now compulsory.


Why do we have SATs?                                

SATs were introduced to assess the levels of achievement of children within the National Curriculum subjects. Their purpose was to help teachers to compare the level of attainment of children in their care against their contemporaries locally and nationally, thereby raising standards nationwide. Additionally, they can help teachers measure how the children improve from one Key Stage to another, giving teaching staff an insight into the needs of each child. When SATs are used with older pupils, they can enable teaching professionals to predict the ability of children to attain GCSEs at the later stage and at what grade. This useful information enables parents to take supporting steps to assist their child's learning by seeking professional assistance.

SATs also enable the schools and education establishment to identify schools that are doing very well, or not as well, and to share good practice. They are there to help teachers, children and their parents to maximise every child's potential with additional help where needed.


What do they involve and when do they take place?

Parents and children will first come across SATs testing when the children move up to Year 2 - that as is the end of Key Stage 1.


The dates for Key Stage 1 Testing:

Week beginning 14th May 2018 Key Stage 2 Test period – Key Stage 1 usually have their tests either the same week as Key Stage 2 or the following week, depending upon each school’s policy.



Children undergoing SATs testing are tested on the subjects that they have been learning in school. In Key stage 1 they will have the following tests:

  • Reading – comprehension paper
  • SPaGs – spelling, punctuation and grammar paper
  • Maths – Arithmetic paper
  • Maths – Reasoning paper
  • Teacher assessment for speaking and listening
  • Teacher assessment for writing

To prepare for SATs parents can help by speaking with their child's teacher for guidance and by practising with the children and by attending to spelling lists, learning times tables, and reading with their children to help them to enjoy learning. In addition, parents may seek additional external expert tuition.


Sherrie Charlton of Bolton Tuition Centre is happy to help, and parents are encouraged to speak with her to arrange an assessment session for their aspiring youngsters.

If you would like any more information about Bolton Tuition Centre , give them a call on 01204 363550

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