Key-less ignition? You need one of these!
26th February 2018
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There has been an increase of crime regarding car theft in the local area recently, but have you ever wondered what the thieves are using to steal these, and how you can prevent it?

Bolton Lock Company share their top tips to help you keep your car secure.

Something that we have seen recently is a new device that thieves are using to steal cars with central door locking and key-less engine starting systems.  

Visit Bolton Lock’s website  here, and you can see a video of two figures, one has a device called a ‘collector box’ that is placed near the front door, which will pick up signals from your car keys, meaning if your car keys are in close range (100m), the signal will activate their device, and send a signal to the other person near your car on their device opening the car and allowing the engine to be turned on – and all this happens in just a matter of minutes!

Bolton Lock have an amazing new product to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Introducing the all new Anti-Grab Wallet!

The all new Ant-Grab Wallet is designed to prevent this equipment from being able to pick up the signal that your remote transmits, preventing this type of attack.

By placing your keys in the Anti-Scan wallet, your key will be ‘cloaked’ and will prevent this method of theft.

This product is best suited for ‘keyless’ entry vehicles such as Range Rover, BMW, Audi etc.

These fantastic wallets are available at Bolton Lock, for a small cost of only £20 + VAT

If you would like any more information, please call Bolton Lock on 01942 811186

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