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7th March 2016
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Prevention is better than cure, so says the adage, and this is no less the case with security. Security of property and security of people is a duty of care for all employers and operators of public building and spaces.

Good quality Security provision is a business asset just like any other and in the final analysis probably the most cost effective acquisition available to businesses large and small.

How is good quality security provision assured? Thanks to the Private Security Industry Act 2001 and the creation of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) that is much easier to achieve. Under the regulatory control of the SIA training and licensing of its staff is a legal requirement for any Security Company, as well as being in their best interests.

Likewise, the SIA regulate the better quality Security Companies such as Key Control Services through their Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). All Directors and front line staff must hold an SIA licence, just like their staff, and gaining ACS is a big feather in their corporate cap, something they do not wish to jeopardise. Therefore, customers can be assured that standards within Key Control Services are of the highest order.

What do Key Control Services of Bolton do?

Manned Guarding services. The provision of Security Officers to attend premises and look after people and property. The presence of uniformed personnel is a deterrent to the malefactors who look for opportunity to steal, plus the Security Officers offer confidence to staff in those premises by being highly visible. Health and Safety issues, fire safety and prevention of unauthorised persons on premises by means of access control – including vehicular access are all the province of effective manned guarding, and a lot more.

Mobile Patrols, offer similar protection to a full time presence by making regular visits at random times to premises thereby removing the opportunity to the opportunist thief. This is good quality guarding and cost effective too.

Key Holding and Alarm Response, when an alarm activates at silly o’clock in the morning who responds? And, what will the responder face when they arrive? An unknown risk, a possible intruder, a serious risk under the Health and Safety legislation. Key Control Services will hold the Company keys in a secure location and attend on the business person’s behalf, they will deal with the event, advise you of what has occurred, and secure the building saving you the bother.

Key Holder Assist, where the company key holder must attend Key Control Supervisory staff will attend with the key holder to ensure their safety.

Open up and Lock up, authorised Key Control Services personnel will attend and perform this function on the business owner’s behalf.

Vacant Property, such business assets are at risk from intruders, the provision of guarding services to prevent loss or damage can be arranged.


If you would like to find out any more information about Key Control Services, give them a call on 01204 861331

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