Karen Openshaw Celebrates her 1st Year in Business!
9th March 2017
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Congratulations to Karen Openshaw Personal and Professional Development Consultant on the completion of her first anniversary of setting up her business in Bolton.

Karen’s drive is all about ‘Developing People, Projects and Places in Bolton and Beyond’. Karen is a Community Focused Management Consultant with a very strong ethical base. Having established herself in mentoring and counselling roles, often in very trying circumstances, Karen has further developed her brief to work with businesses in a consultancy role. Karen Openshaw B.A. employs her extensive experience and knowledge to assist companies and individuals alike, and The Best of Bolton are proud congratulate her on this first anniversary.

What can Karen Openshaw do for your organisation?


Karen says, “Modern life is so busy a term has been coined – ‘hurry sickness’ – we dash from one thing to the next in a constant frenetic rush; often enjoying nothing and worrying about everything. My mindfulness workshops help you to look at the things that steal your time and joy. You will leave the session with greater insight and tools to start to enjoy life again.”

Listening Services, to facilitate both employer and employee, employees often have a keener awareness of what is happening at the sharp end than do mid to senior management. Listening and counselling is extremely useful and can be very cost effective.

Project development, based upon Karen’s fine record of achievements she is well prepared to support and lead any project development in business and social organisations.

Creating Ethical Communities (Chaplaincy), Karen holds post grad qualifications in Chaplaincy. Modern Day Chaplaincy is more about creating and supporting ethical communities. Karen is able to help with setting up a listening service for students and community, a domestic violence outreach service, a debt management clinic, a reading volunteer service and adult learning sessions. She could help to set up whichever is appropriate to the context, either a chaplaincy or an ethical community.

Business Enterprise,

Karen believes that in order for the charity sector to become sustainable working in partnership with businesses is key; and for businesses working with charities not only fulfils any corporate social responsibility, and feels good, it will also help to grow your business. The publicity attached to working effectively with a charity raises the business profile and also gives access to people looking for employment. The benefits are mutual. Karen can make these connections work for you!

Karen Openshaw is personally committed to developing people, projects and places, she is known as ‘The Listener’, with good reason, and can offer considerable help and support to individual people as well as businesses and social organisations.

If you would like to find out any more information about  Karen Openshaw – Developing people, projects and places, give her a call on 0749 624 0665

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