Join School Shuttle for their Holiday Club 2017!
11th July 2017
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School Shuttle are holding a fantastic holiday club for children throughout the 6 week holidays.

Their holiday club is taking place between Monday 24th July and 1st September!

The days will run as follows:

Week 1 – Transport

  • Monday 24th July (All Day) – Planes, Trains and Automobiles - £23 Full Day

Create planes, rafts, paper plate cars, hot air balloons, rockets and much more.

  • Tuesday  25th July (All Day) – Museum of Science and Industry - £26 Full Day

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of transportation through the ages. Take part in experiments and experience the air and space hall.

  • Wednesday 26th July - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Boat Making – Design and create the best and fastest boat in School Shuttle history
PM Activities – Lets Get Sailing – It’s time to race! Put your boat to the test and race against each other. Prizes for the winner

  • Thursday 27th July - £30 Full Day

AM Activities – Moss Bank Park – Fly down to Moss Bank Park, take in the sights and sounds and finish with a ride on the steam train
PM Activities – Cinema Trip – Head down to the cinema to see the latest Cars Movie!

  • Friday 28th July - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Giant Junk Modelling – Bring in your unwanted items, use their craft box and team up to make giant junk models
PM Activities – Bring Your Wheels – Skates, scooters, bikes, remote control cars and much more


Week 2 – Harry Potter

  • Monday 31st July - £25 Full Day

AM Activities – Hogwarts Bake Off – Make a Hedwig cake, sorting hats, ice-cream and an edible snitch!
PM Activities – Cake Boxes – Make a wizards suitcase to store and carry all of your wonderful magical creations

  • Tuesday 1st August - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Make your own wand – Design and create the best wand
PM Activities – Spell Class – Make your own spell book and practice with friends

  • Wednesday 2nd August - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Harry Potter Photoshoot
PM Activities – Build Hogwarts Express

  • Thursday 3rd August (Harry’s Scavenger Hunt) - £23 Full Day

Use the owls to find clues on where the Golden Snitch is hiding. Pick up clues and prizes!

  • Friday 4th August (Potter’s Party) - £23 Full Day

Play Quiddich, Harry Potter party games and put the nose on Voldermort!


Week 3 – Bugs

  • Monday 7th August (Meet the Bugs)- £27.50 Full Day

A visit from a real life bug farm. Meet the bugs and learn all about them

  • Tuesday 8th August (Crafty Critters) - £23 Full Day

Make your own Play Doh Critters, butterfly masks and so much more!

  • Wednesday 9th August - £23 full day

AM Activities – Hotel for Bugs – Gather twigs and string and make your own hotel for bugs
PM Activities – Outdoor Fun and Games

  • Thursday 10th August - £23 full day

AM Activities – Indoor Games
PM Activities – Bug Bingo

  • Friday 11th August - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Bug Bite Baking
PM Activities – A Bugs Life – Chill out and watch a movie!


Week 4 – Alice in Wonderland

  • Monday 14th August (Alice’s Amazing Activities) - £23 Full Day

Can you help Alice out of the mad hatters maze, can you solve the King of Hearts Crossword?

  • Tuesday 15th August - £25 Full Day

AM Activities – Cheshire Cat’s Crazy Cupcake Morning
PM Activities – Film Afternoon

  • Wednesday 16th August - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Mad Hatter’s Morning – Can you make a new hat for Mad Hatter? Prizes for best designs
PM Activities – ‘Off With Her Head’ – Take on the challenge, find all the balloons with faces on and collect before the time runs out

  • Thursday 17th August - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Mad Hatter’s Maze – Follow the maze around the playground and see if you can find a way out
PM Activities – Shrinking Potions – Make your own ‘Eat Me’ ‘Drink Me’ potions

  • Friday 18th August (Mad Hatter’s Tea Party) - £23 Full Day

Come along for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party eating jam tarts, ice cream, sandwiches and much more.


Week 5 – Princes and Princesses

  • Monday 21st August - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Crowns and Tiaras – Design and make your own crowns or tiaras
PM Activities – Face Paint Fun – What will you be?

  • Tuesday 22nd August - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Dress Up Day
PM Activities – Baking a Royal Feast – Spend the afternoon baking cupcakes and cookies!

  • Wednesday 23rd August (Trip to Clitheroe Castle) - £27 Full Day

March down to Clitheroe Castle, have a picnic!

  • Thursday 24th August - £23 Full Day

AM Activities – Fantasy Castle Building
PM Activities – Draw the Magic Kingdom

  • Friday 25th August – (The Kings Ball) £23 Full Day

Put on your finest gowns and take part in the games!


Week 6 – The Circus



  • Tuesday 29th August (Arts and Crafts Day) - £23 Full Day

Design and make your own props, outfits and decorations for a carnival!

  • Wednesday 30th August (Circus Talent Show) - £23 Full Day

Gather your friends, rehearse your circus set and clown and dance around!

  • Thursday 31st August (Blackpool Circus) - £32 Full Day

Take a trip down to Blackpool and watch the world famous circus!

  • Friday 1st September (Grand Finale Carnival) - £23 Full Day

Come to the School Shuttle Carnival, take part in tin can alley, bean bag toss and so much more!


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