It's time to get in shape for Christmas and the New Year
11th November 2016
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There are only seven weeks to go before Christmas and all the fun, and the excesses, following which many of us will be resolving to shed the added pounds.

Why wait? Keeping fit is a lifestyle choice and diet is only one part of that process, it is possible to get pro-active and gain huge benefit from doing so – we may all enjoy Christmas a good deal more for making the effort.

Kept Fit of Bolton is a non-traditional Gym specialising in Personal Training and Tailored Strength.

Situated in Dunscar Business Park the Gym is in easy reach for most people in Bolton. Owned and operated by Alex Youngman Kept Fit Gym is rooted in his early days in athletics and playing rugby.

This passion, drive and enthusiasm quite naturally led Alex towards a career in the fitness industry, initially as a Fitness Instructor, then Personal Trainer. Working with gym members, private clients and sports teams across age groups, in different environments with often quite unique and diverse goals has enabled Alex to assemble a wide variety of skill sets, techniques and modes of training to ensure his client’s goals are met in full.

Kept Fit of Bolton extends a pre-Christmas welcome to all, no matter what your age and ability, Kept Fit have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Kept Fit is happy to welcome customers old and new, especially those who wish to start a fitness programme before Christmas and who want to stay healthier throughout the New Year.

Fitness is a state of mind. Too many of us slip into a comfort zone of lethargy, which with over eating, or eating the wrong foods, is debilitating and can be depressing because we know better but cannot shake of the lethargy. The downwards spiral can lead to overweight and deteriorating health conditions, diabetes to name but one.

Starting a fitness programme now, carefully monitored by Kept Fits specialist training staff can start you onto a whole new path enabling people to gain their correct weight, build up strength in a measured way and develop a new zest for life in the process.

Kept Fit Personal Training can be done on a one-to-one basis or in a small group of people depending upon preference. For some they may have reached a plateau and want to move further on, for others this may be the start of a whole new experience and they may need reassurance and close management.

Kept Fit trainers are passionate about health, fitness and well-being and have individual specialisms. This allows them to find the perfect personal trainer for each customer whether they are looking for weight loss, toning, muscle gain, improved performance, or whatever their individual needs.

Buy yourself an early Christmas Gift of fitness and better health for the festivities and for 2017 with membership of Kept Fit of Bolton.

If you would like to find out any more information about Kept Fit, give them a call on 01204 308250

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