Its National Chocolate Week, Where Do You Buy The Best Chocolate Goodies In Bolton?
10th October 2011
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How exciting, I have just discovered it is National Chocolate Week! 10th-1th October will see chocolate addicts all around the country rejoicing (including me!) Bolton has plenty to offer in the chocolate department and I would love to hear where you buy your chocolate from, the best place to drink Hot Chocolate and who makes the most divine Chocolate Cake!

A few Chocolate facts taken from Walkers Chocolate Emporium Website

  • 17,000 people in Belgium - that’s 1 in every 200 workers - are involved in the making, selling and promotion of chocolate.
  • One chocolate chip provides enough food energy for an adult to walk 150 feet. Therefore, it takes about 35 chocolate chips to walk a mile or 875,000 to get you around the world.
  • It takes the whole of one year’s crop from one tree to make half a kilo of cocoa.
  • 66,000 Crème Eggs are made every hour.
  • 1 in 7 15-24 year-olds claim life without chocolate is not worth living.

The highlight of Chocolate Week, Chocolate Unwrapped is a show where visitors can immerse themselves in a decadent celebration of chocolate. It’s a day to marvel at chocolate sculptures, watch chocolate cooking demonstrations and taste a variety of exciting new flavours, new chocolate, unexpected pairings and classic favourites from the world’s top chocolatiers.


Sat 15 October: 11am to 7pm

Sun 16 October: 11am to 5pm

For more details of the venue and tickets visit

National Chocolate Week can be followed on twitter @ChocolateWeek

YUM YUM YUM I wish I was in London!


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