Is walking as good as running for your health?
17th April 2013
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There’s good news for all Bolton Therapy Centre  patients who want to get fit but who can't run because of sore knees; new research shows walking briskly can give you the same benefits. Walking is low impact and therefore doesn't stress the knee joints as much, an important factor for those in the 45 plus age group who want to get fit, stay healthy and keep their blood pressure within normal limits.

Walking briskly is as good as a run for cutting heart disease, because the exercise depends on the intensity and not the total amount of energy used. It can lower the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, just as much as running does.

Both types of exercise were analysed and found to be the same among 48,000 adults. The same types of muscle groups were used in walking and running and the calories burned in each were similar, even though running and walking are different intensities.

The more the runners ran and the walkers walked, the more health benefits they got. As long as you get your heart rate pumping, you feel hotter and breathe faster, you will reap the rewards, such as reduced blood pressure, improved mental health and lower cholesterol.

Experts say you should do 150 minutes of moderate exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week.

It's important to wear supportive footwear when doing any type of exercise, and it is normal to feel some tightness or aches and pains when starting an exercise regime, but if you're not sure your muscles are up to the job or you find your Achilles heel or ankle pains won't settle down, come and see Bolton Therapy Centre  for a checkup, massage and stretch. 

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