Is there a picture framer in Bolton?
1st May 2014
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Don’t ever say that Facebook doesn’t generate business leads, as Leslie Cliff from Framearound has a wonderful project thanks to his posts on the site.

Lisa Ann Watkins is a very popular artist with over two decades experience in the art industry and so it was an honor for Les to be personally chosen to frame her beautiful art. Lisa has won two international colour awards, is a member of UKCPS and many other renowned art accreditations. Her latest exhibition is her portrayal of rescued bears from cruelty. The bears Lisa has painted have all been saved from horrible lives in Chinese factories, degrading zoos and other desperate situations.

So Les and Lisa's collaboration came about through Facebook. Les posted pictures of Lisa’s prints of the bears on the site with his frames and she was really impressed with his skills and asked Les to frame more of her work.

Over the course of May Lisa and Les will be meeting up two times. But, as Lisa lives in the Forest of Dean and Les in Bolton, they have chosen a halfway point near the M1 to exchange their work for the first meeting. Then Les will be going down to Lisa’s exhibition from May 17th to see both their work in all their glory.

All the paintings are now in Les’s workshop being framed ready for the show and limited edition prints will be available soon.  

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