Is eating meat good for you?
9th April 2014
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Barrons of Beef are the most loved butcher in Bolton, and sell many different kinds of high quality meat, including beef, chicken, pork, ham and lamb.

There are plenty of negative myths around about eating meat though and some stories about meat that are simply untrue. Here we dispel some of the rumors.

For a full rundown of all the science and studies involved in these claims, have a look at this article here.


  1. Meat rots your colon and doesn’t get digested properly. Wrong! Meat is broken down by stomach acid, digestive acids and amino acids long before it reaches the colon.  
  2. Meat is high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Although this is true, cholesterol is used by the body to make hormones and a few studies have shown that saturated fat doesn’t always correlate to heart disease.
  3. Meat causes heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Humans have been eating meat for millions of years with no adverse effects. Processed meat is harmful, but studies have shown that there is no link between unprocessed red meat, heart disease and diabetes.
  4. Red meat causes cancer. Some forms of processed meat are linked to increased risk of cancer, but findings aren’t so clear for red meat. It can depend on how the meat is cooked, and burning meat can increase the risk. Another study shows the link was only very faint between red meat and cancer.
  5. Humans aren’t designed to eat meat. Homo sapiens have been eating meat for many years and have a digestive system designed to process meat, with our short colons, long small intestines and lots of hydrochloric acid.
  6. Meat is bad for your bones. Although protein can cause slightly more calcium loss in the bones, in the long term high amounts of protein is connected to better bone density, and a lower risk of fractures and osteoporosis.
  7. Meat isn’t needed. Whilst it is true you can get the nutrients you get from meats from other foods, meat has lots of goodness in it, including vitamin B12, creatine, carnosine and other important fat soluble vitamins. So you can live without eating meat, remember all the important stuff it has in it.
  8. Meat makes you fat. A lot of meat is high in fat and calories, but on the flip side, eating meat can boost your metabolism by up to 100 calories a day. Also, eating protein makes you eat less of other foods every day.


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