Introducing the all-new Kia Niro: Kia’s first Crossover Hybrid!
15th August 2016
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What is a hybrid car? A hybrid car is one that uses more than one kind of fuel with the purpose of saving drivers a great deal of money, whilst protecting the environment.

The hybrid crossover employs some very high technology enabling a crossover between petrol drive and electric motor drive, with a seamless transition between the two. Further benefits include, reduction in emissions benefiting all road users especially those with breathing problems, reduced CO2 output and in the case of diesel engines particulates.

There are massive savings in fuel consumption, and reduced road tax and company car tax, and where applicable congestion tax. A win-win situation for those wise enough to buy a Kia Hybrid technology car.

The all new Kia Niro employs Hybrid technology reducing CO2 emissions to 88 grams per kilometre and are modern, sophisticated, well designed, attractive cars. New Niro employs a parallel hybrid system that switches between petrol and electric power, or uses a combination of both, as well as charging the battery whenever it can. 

The Niro uses a high-voltage lithium-ion polymer battery, and electric motor combined with the new Kappa 1.6 GDi engine and DCT transmission. 

Kia have incorporated the most up to date Hybrid Crossover technology along with practicality and aesthetic allure of a compact SUV, with a sleek, aerodynamic body and subtly sculptured surfaces. It also features a dedicated hybrid powertrain under the bonnet, specifically developed for this new model.

Stunning features mark out the all new Niro as an exceptional car, including:

8" Touchscreen Sat Nav, nice and easy to read and operate, the navigation system presents routes, shortest path options and other vital information on the vivid 8" colour LCD touch screen ('3' and 'First Edition'). User friendly Sat Nav is excellent.

Wireless Mobile Phone Charger
Charge a compatible mobile phone wirelessly on the charging pad located at the front of the centre console ('3' and 'First Edition'), nice touch this.

Lane Keep Assist System
This feature is designed to alert the driver that the vehicle is about to deviate from a traffic lane. The system helps the car stay on course within the centre of the lane by continuously applying a small amount of counter steering force (Standard on all the range)

Adaptive Smart Cruise Control
A radar sensor behind the grille measures the distance to the vehicle ahead, and automatically maintains a safe distance by controlling speed, up to the speed set by the driver (An option on the '1' - '3' models and standard on the 'First Edition')

The All-New Niro comes in 4 stunning models each packed with great range of features designed to keep you safe and comfortable without compromising on style or driveability.

The Kia Niro crossover hybrid is in stock right now at Bolton Kia, situated on the Middlebrook Retail Park, interested customers are recommended to call and see this ground breaking new model in the showroom and arrange a test drive, in this case driving is believing.


If you would like any more information about the all-new Kia Niro, give Bolton Kia a call on 01204 664800.

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