Introducing: Rani By Rajas
19th October 2017
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The House of Rajas wish to announce their brand-new clothing range Rani by Rajas for Indian and non-Indian customers who delight in wearing beautiful clothing, in doing so the House of Rajas has become our local Leading Fashion House.

There is a new generation of family influencing the House of Rajas, with fresh new ideas and an injection of spectacular styles and creations that have to be seen to be believed. The showroom of House of Rajas is a kaleidoscope of colourful rich fabrics that are truly beautiful, added to the New Rani Range the picture is exciting and enticing.

The Raja family settled in Britain following the purges conducted by Idi Amin, some 40 years ago, who drove out the Indian population who had settled there over the generations, Uganda's loss was truly Britain’s, and Bolton’s, gain as this entrepreneurial family put down roots in the midst of our community and has benefited the Town and the communities ever since. The House of Rajas quickly became a pillar of the community enabling people to shop in comfort, enjoy social contact, breaking down barriers, and sharing food under one roof. The business is based on strong values of inclusiveness, openness, and a passion for making Indian Culture accessible to all people.

The House of Rajas is proudly representing the women in society, those independent, open-minded, progressive, powerful women who embody courage and compassion, humility and strength, resilience and quiet power, women who have shaped our lives and will continue to do so. These are the stimuli for the new wave of creativity that is sweeping the House of Rajas.

Rani by Rajas is a contemporary blending of tradition with modern styling, retaining perfect combinations of fine fabrics in the most beautiful fashion with modern cutting and design. Whatever the occasion patrons may be assured of total satisfaction with the sumptuous garments created with love by Rani, the House of Rajas.

The House of Rajas is a complete experience in which one may purchase the most beautiful clothing and dine in comfort, and it is the home of the choicest food available in the North West. A visit to the House of Rajas is an experience not to be missed.

For more information, call  The House of Raja on 01204 532890

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