Important warning about buy my home quick firms
14th October 2014
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Warning! If you’re thinking of using a company that claims to buy any home then DON’T says The Purple Property Shop, use a reputable estate agent instead.

Even if you are wanting to sell your home quickly, do not go to a company that says they will buy any home, use a trusted local estate agent instead. There are several stories circulating about people who used these firms and then have subsequently lost lots of money on the sale of their home.

Investigations by national newspapers and the BBC have found that whilst estate agents valued a property at a fair price, buy home quickly firms have sold houses for as much as 53% less than the market value. The usual practice is to offer between 10 and 25% off the market value and then either buy the property or sell to third parties.

People need to sell a house for different reasons, but experts are concerned people aren’t reading the small print when using the 100+ buy my home quickly firms.

There are of course trustworthy firms out there but do your research before committing to anything.

The Purple Property Shop can often sell your home quickly, but will do this in the right way. In the first week of October The Purple Property Shop sold properties at the asking price within the first week of them being on the market.


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