Everyone is allowed a cheat day once in a while...
29th October 2013
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Well I’m not one for condoning cheating, but if you like Domino’s pizza and you’re a member of Helio Fitness then this voucher could be for you.

Everybody is allowed a cheat day now and then if you’re on a diet or following a strict fitness plan, so why not cheat with Domino’s pizza. Helio members will get a £10 discount if they spend £30 or more with Domino’s online. If you want to know exactly what the code is, then contact your local trainer at Helio.

Even the Rock has a cheat day occasionally too, as you can see from the picture below. Although you probably won’t be able to eat as much as he did!

Helio Fitness staff have got access to a special code too, as Domino’s know that talking about exercise and healthy eating, all day, every day, can make you hungry.

If reading about all this pizza has made you hungry, then order from Domino’s by calling 01204 522822 for the Derby Street store or 01204 304400 for the Blackburn Road store.

Helio Fitness are a fully equipped, modern gym, in the centre of Bolton, with plenty of experienced trainers on hand to help you get to grips with the equipment or support you through your regular exercise regime

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